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3D rendering VR/AR volume rendering

Building tools for VR scientific visualization – VR Volume viewer

Author: Camilo Diaz

Mon Aug 21 2023

In today's world, an image is often more eloquent than a thousand words, particularly when it comes to visualizing scientific data. Typically, this data can be presented in a 3D environment, where it can be translated, rotated, and scaled, offering researchers new perspectives for data analysis. Learn how CCV researchers implement and build tools for real-time observation and analysis of 3D data, thereby broadening the horizons of scientific visualization.

pipelines HPC software

Basic Bioinformatics Workflows on OSCAR - Nextflow

Author: Jordan Lawson

Fri Sep 01 2023

This blog discusses a workflow management tool, called **Nextflow**, its benefits, and how to use the software on Brown University's HPC cluster, OSCAR.