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3D rendering VR/AR volume rendering

Building tools for VR scientific visualization – VR Volume viewer

Author: Camilo Diaz

Mon Aug 21 2023

In today's world, an image is often more eloquent than a thousand words, particularly when it comes to visualizing scientific data. Typically, this data can be presented in a 3D environment, where it can be translated, rotated, and scaled, offering researchers new perspectives for data analysis. Learn how CCV researchers implement and build tools for real-time observation and analysis of 3D data, thereby broadening the horizons of scientific visualization.

pipelines HPC software

Basic Bioinformatics Workflows on OSCAR - Nextflow

Author: Jordan Lawson

Fri Sep 01 2023

This blog discusses a workflow management tool, called **Nextflow**, its benefits, and how to use the software on Brown University's HPC cluster, OSCAR.


2023 at CCV

Author: Ellen Duong

Thu Jan 11 2024

2023 was a year of numerous strides at CCV and in the research community here at Brown. Here are some of the many highlights over the past year!

Julia reusability

Writing Reusable Code in Julia

Author: Carlos Paniagua

Mon Mar 25 2024

Best practices on writing reusable software in the Julia ecosystem.