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hurt-lab database engineering sql julia

2D Materials Database

A normalized database for Bob Hurt's lab to track and publish data on toxicity of 2D materials.
creton-lab neuroscience python

Automated Analysis of Zebrafish Behaviors

Automated Analysis of Zebrafish Behaviors is a set of tools and deep learning models to autonomously detect zebrafish behaviors from a image set or video stream.
serre-lab neuro gcp pipelines python

Automated Continuos Behavioral Monitoring (ACBM)

Automated Continuous Behavioral Monitoring (ACBM) is a machine vision-based automated phenotyping method to detect and quantify the earliest-detected phenotypes in Tdp43Q331K knock-in mice. This method entails continuous video recording for 5 days that is then scored by a trained computer system. The system is a set of DL models deployed on google cloud platform using Kubeflow pipelines. Our goal is to establish sensitive, robust, objective, and open-source machine vision-based behavioral analysis tools that will be widely available to workers in the field.
aer-group machine-learning cognitive-science behavioral-tasks python javascript

Autonomous Research Assistant (AutoRA)

Autonomous Research Assistant (AutoRA) is a framework for implementing machine learning tools which autonomously and iteratively generate 1) new theories to describe real-world data, and 2) experiments to invalidate those theories and seed a new cycle of theory-making. The experiments will be run online via crowd-sourcing platforms (MTurk, Prolific).
borton-lab openmind frank-lab nassar-lab behavioral-tasks javascript vuejs


A hub for researchers to share and find behavioral tasks
huber-lab model volcanology julia


Julia package for simulating the eruption of a volcano using a model for the frequency of eruptions of upper crustal magma chambers based on Degruyter and Huber (2014).
nassar-lab frank-lab shenhav-lab oh-lab cognitive-science javascript vuejs

Cognitive Research Registration App

Web application that allows participants to register for studies, and for researchers to manage participant registrations
riddc vr desktop c++

Desktop VR Volume Viewer

A simple viewer for visualizing volumetric datasets. It supports color mapping through a transfer function that maps specific data values to a scalar color. The view camera is fully interactive, and it works on multiple systems (Windows and Linux). It also support multiple displays devices (desktop, VR HMDs, cave-systems).
vr desktop c++

DrawOnAir (cave-painting)

A collaboration between Dr Daniel Keefe (University of Minnesota), Dr David Laidlaw (Brown University) and CCV to expand 3D DrawOnAir haptic functionality to VR systems
riddc ecology web typescript vuejs nodejs

Narragansett Bay Data Explorer App

Explore historical and real-time data about water quality, temperature, and more from the Narragansett Bay.
riddc vr web oceanography javascript reactjs

Narragansett Bay Volume Viewer

The 3D volume viewer of the Narragansett Bay and Rhode Island Sound showing the Ocean State Oceanographic Model predictions for Salinity and Temperature.
brown-university-library web machine-learning python R

Natural Language Processing of Brown Course Syllabi

Web dashboard that allows Brown University Library staff to interactively use natural language processing for investigating how race and racial issues are discussed in courses at Brown.
lisi-lab web chemical-physics python

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Web Application

Web application built from docker containers that allow for the processing, storage, and retrieval of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic data.
openmind borton-lab neuro engineering c# python typescript

OpenMind Neuromodulation Interface (OMNI)

OMNI is a software framework for interfacing with neuromodulation systems in a platform, device, and programming language agnostic way.
the-policy-lab government web typescript reactjs nodejs

Project Portal

The Project Portal is a website template allowing state agencies (local or national governments) to share their research needs and to empower people with a way to express interest in partnering to work on those needs. The CCV supported The Policy Lab with the development of the first version of the website, and is working to make it scalable for more government agencies.
yajima-lab web metabolomics R

Proteomics RShiny App

This R shiny app was developed for visualizing pathways with metabolomics and proteomics.
pphc public-health javascript vuejs


A web app to support the PROVIDENT research study looking to prevent drug-related deaths in neighborhoods across Rhode Island. The dashboard showcases a predictive analytics model that identifies neighborhoods where future overdose deaths are most likely to occur. We are also tracking interventions from organizations and what effects they will have on the overdose data. The results from this study will improve public health decision-making and inform resource allocation to communities that should be prioritized for evidence-based prevention, treatment, recovery, and overdose rescue services.
peac-lab computational-psychiatry mobile typescript react-native

SOMA pain & recovery

A mobile app that combines symptom tracking with neuroscientific assessments and tailored interventions. SOMA is designed to directly support individuals on their journeys to overcome pain.
pphc public-health model python


TITAN (Treatment of Infectious Transmissions through Agent-based Network) is an agent-based simulation model used to explore contact transmission in complex social networks.
vr web javascript reactjs

Web Volume Viewer

Volumetric data visualization on the web with compatibility on VR devices. It supports color mapping through a transfer function that maps specific data values to a scalar color. Developed using React-JS and A-Frame.
bnc neuroimaging python

XNAT Tools

Python library that facilitates the export and conversion of data stored in Brown's XNAT platform to the Brain Imaging Data Structure (BIDS)