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hurt-lab database engineering sql julia

2D Materials Database

A normalized database for Bob Hurt's lab to track ...Read more
creton-lab neuroscience python

Automated Analysis of Zebrafish Behaviors

Automated Analysis of Zebrafish Behaviors is a set of ...Read more
serre-lab neuro gcp pipelines python

Automated Continuos Behavioral Monitoring (ACBM)

Automated Continuous Behavioral Monitoring (ACBM) is a machine vision-based ...Read more
aer-group machine-learning cognitive-science behavioral-tasks python javascript

Autonomous Research Assistant (AutoRA)

Autonomous Research Assistant (AutoRA) is a framework for implementing ...Read more
borton-lab openmind frank-lab nassar-lab behavioral-tasks javascript vuejs


A hub for researchers to share and find behavioral ...Read more
huber-lab model volcanology julia


Julia package for simulating the eruption of a volcano ...Read more
nassar-lab frank-lab shenhav-lab oh-lab cognitive-science javascript vuejs

Cognitive Research Registration App

Web application that allows participants to register for studies, ...Read more
riddc vr desktop c++

Desktop VR Volume Viewer

A simple viewer for visualizing volumetric datasets. It supports ...Read more
vr desktop c++

DrawOnAir (cave-painting)

A collaboration between Dr Daniel Keefe (University of Minnesota), ...Read more
borton-lab openmind frank-lab nassar-lab brainstorm behavioral-tasks javascript reactjs


Template repository for reproducible psychophysiological tasks for clinic, laboratory, ...Read more
riddc ecology web typescript vuejs nodejs

Narragansett Bay Data Explorer App

Explore historical and real-time data about water quality, temperature, ...Read more
riddc vr web oceanography javascript reactjs

Narragansett Bay Volume Viewer

The 3D volume viewer of the Narragansett Bay and ...Read more
brown-university-library web machine-learning python R

Natural Language Processing of Brown Course Syllabi

Web dashboard that allows Brown University Library staff to ...Read more
lisi-lab web chemical-physics python

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Web Application

Web application built from docker containers that allow for ...Read more
openmind borton-lab neuro engineering c# python typescript

OpenMind Neuromodulation Interface (OMNI)

OMNI is a software framework for interfacing with neuromodulation ...Read more
pphc public-health javascript vuejs


A web app to support Prevention and Rescue of ...Read more
the-policy-lab government web typescript reactjs nodejs

Project Portal

The Project Portal is a website template allowing state ...Read more
yajima-lab web metabolomics R

Proteomics RShiny App

This R shiny app was developed for visualizing pathways ...Read more
pphc public-health javascript vuejs


A web app to support the PROVIDENT research study ...Read more
computational-biology c++ R


Wrappers for the SeqAn library for use in R ...Read more
pphc public-health javascript vuejs


A web app that showcases data visualizations on how ...Read more
peac-lab computational-psychiatry mobile typescript react-native

SOMA pain & recovery

A mobile app that combines symptom tracking with neuroscientific ...Read more
pphc public-health model python


TITAN (Treatment of Infectious Transmissions through Agent-based Network) is ...Read more
vr web javascript reactjs

Web Volume Viewer

Volumetric data visualization on the web with compatibility on ...Read more
bnc neuroimaging python

XNAT Tools

Python library that facilitates the export and conversion of ...Read more