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ecology-evolution-and-organismal-biology government data-science data-management software-engineering active

Acadia National Park Natural Resources

The goal of this project is to extract data-driven ...Read more
computational-biology computational-biology inactive

Alan Rothman

Dr. Rothman has been involved in research on immunity ...Read more
clps machine-learning software-engineering active

Autonomous Empirical Research Group

The Autonomous Empirical Research Group (AER) strives to enhance ...Read more
neuro engineering software-engineering inactive

Borton Lab

The Borton Lab is designing, developing, and deploying neurotechnology ...Read more
neuro engineering software-engineering data-management inactive


The BrainGate research program is focused on developing brain-computer ...Read more
computational-biology computational-biology active

Dan Spade

Dr. Spade's research focuses on mechanisms of male reproductive ...Read more
computational-biology computational-biology active

Dennery Lab

The Dennery lab investigates neonatal lung injury and repair. ...Read more
biomedical university-administration data-science nlp active

Division of Biology and Medicine Administrative

The goal of this project is to extract insights ...Read more
ecology-evolution-and-organismal-biology computational-biology active

Elizabeth Brainerd

Research in the Brainerd lab integrates studies of anatomy, ...Read more
computational-biology computational-biology active

Fedulov Lab

The Fedulov lab investigates epigenetic regulation. CCV's collaboration with ...Read more
engineering data-management inactive

Hurt Lab

The Hurt Lab focuses on the creation of 2D ...Read more
sociology computer-vision nlp inactive

Institute at Brown for Environment and Society (IBES)

IBES supports research to understand the interactions between natural, ...Read more
computational-biology computational-biology active

Kantor Lab

The Kantor lab HIV/AIDS reseach includes the evolution of ...Read more
computational-biology computational-biology active

McDonald Lab

Dr. McDonald's primary research focus is on improving maternal ...Read more
engineering data-science inactive

Patrick McHugh

Dr. McHugh's research interests focus on legitimacy and network ...Read more
computational-psychiatry software-engineering active

Psychiatry, Embodiment and Computation Lab (PEAC)

The PEAC Lab examines computational basis of our perception, ...Read more
ecology-evolution-and-organismal-biology data-management software-engineering inactive

RI Data Discovery Center

The goal of the RI Data Discovery Center is ...Read more
neuro software-engineering cloud-computing active

Serre Lab

The goal of Serre Lab is to understand the ...Read more
neuro REDCap software-engineering inactive

Taylor Burke, Ph.D.

Dr. Burke's research aims to utilize novel technologies, methodologies, ...Read more
neuro software-engineering system-administration data-management active

The Behavioral Neuroimaging Data Core (BNC)

The BNC provides ongoing support, training, assistance and advice ...Read more
neuro software-engineering deep-learning DeepLabCut active

The Creton Laboratory

Research in the Creton laboratory is focused on brain ...Read more
applied-math system-administration active

The Crunch Group

The CRUNCH group is a research team of the ...Read more
epidemiology software-engineering active

The People, Place and Health Collective

The People, Place & Health Collective (PPHC) is a ...Read more
policy-lab government active

The Policy Lab

The Policy Lab brings together experts from government, universities, ...Read more
finance data-science inactive

Venture Capital Inclusion Lab

The Venture Capital Inclusion (VCI) Lab uses data to ...Read more
computer-science vr inactive

Visualization Research Lab

The Visualization Research Lab (VRL) is part of the ...Read more
engineering computer-vision climate-science active

Wilhelmus Lab

The Wilhelmus Lab takes an engineering approach to solve ...Read more