We provide services with limited resources at no cost to all members affiliated with Brown. For advanced computing that requires extra resources, we charge a quarterly fee. See below the rates for FY20

High-performance Computing (Oscar)

Account(s) Type CPU Cores and Walltime Cost Description
Exploratory (PI Sponsored) 32 for 48 hours per job, 2 std GPUs for 48 hours† Free† Available to all members affiliated with Brown
Exploratory (No PI) 32 for 48 Hours Free No Data Directory is assigned
HPC Priority 208 for 96 hours $200/user/quarter For CPU intensive workloads
HPC Priority+ 416 for 96 hours $400/user/quarter For CPU intensive workloads
HPC GPU Priority Standard 4 std GPU for 96 hours, Titan RTX or lower $200/user/quarter Basic GPU intensive workloads
HPC GPU Priority Standard+ 8 std GPU for 96 hours, Titan RTX or lower‡ $400/user/quarter For workloads that require multiple GPUs
HPC GPU Priority High End 4 high-end GPU for 96 hours, Tesla V100‡ $400/user/quarter For workloads that require High-end GPUs
HPC Priority Large Memory 32 cores for 96 hours with 760GB real memory or 2TB Virtual $100/user/quarter For very memory-intensive workloads
Condo Rental 256 Cores $10,000 No wall-time limits

Each account is assigned 20G Home, 512G Scratch (purged every 30 days), and 256G Data Directory (shared amongst members of the group) by default. Except for no-PI exploratory accounts, they do not get a Data directory.

† Free exploratory accounts are available to all faculty and PIs at Brown. Priority accounts have a higher Quality-of-Service (QOS) i.e. priority accounts will have faster job start times.

‡The maximum number of cores and duration may change based on cluster utilization. Priority accounts each have a Quality-of-Service (QOS) allowing up to 208 cores, 1TB memory, and a total per-job limit of 998,400 core-minutes. This allows a 208-core job to run for 80 hours, a 104-core job to run for 160 hours, or 208 1-core jobs to run for 80 hours.

Staff Services

Support Level Description Cost
General Support Limited code troubleshooting, training, office-hours. Limited to 1 week per year $0
Advanced Support Any staff services requiring more than 1 week’s effort per year $85/hour
Project Collaboration Percent time of a specific staff member charged directly to the grant %FTE

Research Data Storage

  • 1TB per Brown Faculty Member - Free
  • 10TB per awarded Grant at the request of the Brown PI - an active grant account number will be required to provide this allocation and the data will be migrated to archive storage at the end of the grant.
  • Additional Storage Allocation - Year to Year - $100 / Terabyte / year