Terms and Conditions

Center for Computation and Visualization Brown University


All use of Center facilities and services is at the discretion of the Center Director.

All use of Center facilities must conform to established University policies as published in documents held at [https://it.brown.edu/computing-policies].

Accounts on Center equipment are to be used only by the named individual holder of the account. Users may not share passwords or accounts with anyone. Misuse or unauthorized access is prohibited, and is subject to University sanction and/or criminal and civil penalties. The Center’s support staff may, in the course of providing support to a user, access the Center’s systems and the user’s files through that user’s account. Before doing so, permission will be required from the user either in person or in writing.

All software and data stored or used on Center and hosted systems must be appropriately and legally acquired and must be used in compliance with applicable licensing terms. Unauthorized misuse or copying of copyrighted materials is prohibited. The storage of any sensitive data must comply with all appropriate laws or protocols, such as those imposed by Protection of Human Subjects procedures, and the Center should be notified of the location of such data.

In addition, users certify compliance with all U.S. export control laws and regulations and are responsible for obtaining export control licenses as may be required before exporting controlled data, information software, or other technology to foreign countries or providing access to foreign persons.

Papers and publications resulting from use of Center facilities must acknowledge this via the inclusion of an appropriate credit similar to the following: “This work was supported by Brown University through the use of the facilities of its Center for Computation and Visualization.” Additional detail describing the particular computing or visualization application is optional. In addition, a copy of the final paper or publication must be provided to the Center via the electronic or postal addresses listed on its website, [http://ccv.brown.edu].

Interruptions in Center resource operations and services may be due to planned maintenance or other, unforeseen cause. All routine/planned maintenance for general-use CCV computing facilities will occur during a four hour window from 9am-1pm on the second Tuesday of each month. Users will be notified whether or not maintenance will occur and what systems will be affected at least one week in advance of the maintenance period. This information will also be posted on the CCV website.

Emergency system changes may also be necessary to correct hardware or software failures, or to patch security vulnerabilities in systems software. Such changes will be announced with the longest notice possible.

CCV services and any associated fees will be reviewed on a yearly basis and published in a new service/fee schedule announced during the 11th month (May) of the fiscal year.