File storage and transfer

Several services at Brown allow you to share and store files. This guide will let you compare the options and decide which one(s) are right for you.

Google Drive Dropbox BrownBox Campus File Storage RData Stronghold
Collaborative editing
Easy access from smartphones
Share a file by sending the link
Backed up
Search stored files when you search files on your computer
Login required to access shared data Only for editing
Brown-provided account required to access shared data
Access restricted to Brown campus or VPN
Integration with Supercomputer
Allow guest upload
Security Features Prevent editors from resharing, set expiration date Share with password, set expiration date Share with password Access controlled by Brown security groups Appropriate for data with strong data compliance requirements
Storage per user Unlimited Practically unlimited* Default of 10GB 100GB - 10TB+ 265GB free, more on request
Max file size 5TB 20GB 10GB 4TB (1TB for best performance) 8XB