Learn to use Brown’s HPC systems effectively in your research

CCV hosts a variety of workshops to help educate users and promote more effective use of our systems and services. All workshops are hands-on, and include interactive examples. Participants are expected to bring a laptop.

Upcoming workshops are announced one to two weeks in advance through Brown Morning Mail and the Oscar user mailing list. If you would like more information on upcoming workshops, or if you would like to suggest a workshop topic, please contact

Basic Workshops

Our basic workshops are designed for users with little or no experience with Oscar or Unix/Linux systems.

File Transfer Basics

An overview of methods for moving files onto and off of Oscar. Topics covered include: Linux command line tools for file transfer (scp, rsync, sftp), GUI-based file transfer applications, mounting Oscar’s filesystem using CIFS, and using Globus on Oscar.

Getting Started on Oscar

An introduction to Oscar, Brown’s research computing cluster, for new users. Participants will learn how to connect to Oscar (ssh, VNC), how to navigate Oscar’s filesystem, and how to use the module system to access software packages on Oscar.

Working on the Command Line

A practical introduction to the Linux operating system. Topics covered include: basic Linux commands for maneuvering within the file system and manipulating files, Unix shells, and working with environment variables and paths.

Working with Slurm

A primer on submitting jobs to the job scheduler on Oscar. Topics covered include: an overview of the use of Slurm for resource allocation, submitting jobs to Slurm, setting up array jobs, using Bash scripts to configure and submit jobs to Slurm, best practices for requesting resources from Slurm, monitoring jobs with Slurm utilities, and analyzing Slurm errors.

Intermediate Workshops

Our intermediate workshops are geared towards users who already have some basic familiarity with Oscar or Unix/Linux systems.

Building Software on Oscar

Learn how to build and install software packages on Oscar. Topics covered include: make, cmake, compiler options on Oscar, pip, building python packages from source, and python virtual environments.

Using Jupyter Notebooks on Oscar

Learn everything you need to know to start using Jupyter Notebooks on Oscar. Topics covered include: installing Jupyter Notebook, using Jupyter Notebook in the VNC, and running Jupyter Notebook as a batch job.

Using Matlab on Oscar

An introduction to using Matlab on Oscar. Topics covered include: working with Matlab interactively on Oscar, using the Matlab GUI, using Matlab in batch jobs, and working with Parallel Toolbox.

Version Control with Git

A practical introduction to version control for software management using Git. Topics covered include: creating a repository, checking the status of a repository, committing changes, viewing changes, reverting to older versions of files, and setting up a remote repository.