The Center for Computation and Visualization remains committed to supporting the computing needs of the Brown Research Community during this difficult time. COVID-19 Updates

Student Accounts

Accounts on Brown's HPC systems, custom-tailored for class use

CCV provides access to HPC resources for classes, workshops, demonstrations, and other instructional uses. In general, the system is available for most types of instructional use at Brown where HPC resources are required, and we will do what we can to provide the resources necessary to help teach your class. We do ask that you follow these guidelines to help us better support your class.

Account Requests and Software Needs

Requests for class accounts should be made in writing to two weeks prior to the beginning of class, and should be made in bulk. Please provide the name and e-mail for the students, TAs and instructor as well as the course number. Requests for specific software should also be made two weeks before the start of the semester, and should be properly licensed, tested and verified to work by an instructor or TA.

Usage Expectations and System Utilization

Unless prior arrangements are made, student class accounts will have the same priority and access as free accounts on the CCV system. Access can be provided to specialized hardware or higher cores if needed provided it does not impact research use of the CCV systems. Be aware that usage of the CCV system is unpredictable, and high utilization of the system could impact a student’s ability to finish assignments in a specific time period. We also encourage instructors to give an overview of the system and discuss computing policies before students use the system. CCV can provide resources (slides, documentation and in class workshops) to help prepare students to use HPC system. CCV staff are always available to meet directly with instructors and TAs to help prepare for classes and help setup specific software or environments for the class.


It is expected that any class being taught using CCV resources will have its own TA. The TA should be the first line of support for any problems or questions the students may have regarding the use of the CCV system. CCV staff may not know specifics about how to use or run the programs the class is using, and can’t provide direct support to students for that software.

Class Guest Accounts

CCV will provide limited duration guests accounts that are custom tailored for the class use of the system. These accounts will have a username of “guest###”, and each account is associated with an individual student, instructor, or TA. Guest accounts are temporary and are only active for the duration of the class, and are deactivated at the conclusion of the semester/workshop. Account data is kept intact on our system for one semester after the conclusion of the class, and is then permanently deleted from the CCV system.

Request student accounts for a class